“Mom, we’ve been in an accident and Anna’s hurt.”

These words from our son Max one chilly fall morning started our family on a journey that took us from
three weeks to three years of loving, living, and change. 

Arriving at the accident scene to see our kids’ Ford Explorer, affectionately referred to as Baby Blue,
wrapped around a metal pole with Anna unresponsive and dangling from her seatbelt, was the beginning of an upheaval
we had never anticipated. From the moment I received that fateful phone call, until I finished the final page in Three,
 there was never a doubt in my mind that there were three beings in the car that morning.
Our lives after the accident continued to unfold in threes, confirming that God was watching over us,
guiding us, and leading us through each day of each year.

THREE — The novel about an incredible, true story.
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